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About Me

Hi, I am Dr Sabaa Reshma Khatib and welcome to my website.

As a medical professional I have 14 years of experience in practising homeopathy. I am interested in going beyond mere treatment and exploring healthcare in all its facets of management treatment education with a focus towards providing quality treatment.


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I have by far interacted with people from all walks of life with varied health issues from cold, skin, respiratory, gastric to psychological problems. Since the past 5 years I have focused more on stress related problems and researched on the same. Counselling has become an important aspect in my delivery of treatment. A 11 years of experience as a Lecturer in post graduate courses has opened a new avenue for me to understand and analyse the mental status of my students. As a counsellor my aim is to assist my clients to be more adaptive towards society and analyze self to ensure a more harmonious status in the world to promote a healthy balance in their lives and secure success in their endeavours. My counselling sessions and techniques along with homeopathic remedies help to combat stress and maladjustment to a large degree with sense of motivation. They provide growth in competent areas of skill development, knowledge and behavioural aspects.

As a Lecturer I get the opportunity to constantly update my knowledge in various fields. I continue to strive towards providing the best quality of treatment to my patients with closely monitoring and counselling them. It gives me immense pleasure in not only serving and treating people as a doctor but also teaching and guiding students and sharing knowledge with students.



“Homeopathic medicine is Patient friendly as it is natural, safe, gentle, holistic”

The synergy between medicine and counseling ensures a balance between mind and body i.e. Complete Health.The word “homoeopathy” (recently simplified to “homeopathy” by some) comes from the Greek, homoios meaning ‘like’ or ‘similar’, and pathos meaning ‘suffering’.


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Homeopathy employs ‘similars’: substances which cause a particular set of symptoms when given to a healthy individual, will heal that same set of symptoms in someone who is unwell.

In other words homeopathy is the treatment of ‘like’ with ‘like.’ The role of the Homeopath is to find the medicines that will help your body do what it is naturally trying to do. Choosing homeopathy will help you and your family to achieve this level of vitality using natural remedies with no side-effects.

Who can Benefit from Treatment?

People with all kinds of health problems find that homeopathy can be beneficial.Mind and body are very much interconnected, and the symptoms that we present with on a physical level can be seen to have an emotional trigger, whether it be stress, anger, anxiety, grief, or depression, just to name a few. So it is important to resolve any underlying emotional problems as well as physical symptoms, as one may well be aggravating the other.

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Thus Homeopathy emphasizes on individual as a whole, making each individual different from the other.

It is a flexible and safe form of medicine suitable for people of all ages and from all backgrounds. Babies and children especially tend to respond rapidly to treatment. Symptomatically healing is the key in Homeopathic science though there are limitations as far as surgical conditions are concerned. 

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