“Homeopathic medicine is Patient friendly as it is natural, safe, gentle, holistic”

The synergy between medicine and counseling ensures a balance between mind and body i.e. Complete Health.The word “homoeopathy” (recently simplified to “homeopathy” by some) comes from the Greek, homoios meaning ‘like’ or ‘similar’, and pathos meaning ‘suffering’.


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Homeopathy employs ‘similars’: substances which cause a particular set of symptoms when given to a healthy individual, will heal that same set of symptoms in someone who is unwell.

In other words homeopathy is the treatment of ‘like’ with ‘like.’ The role of the Homeopath is to find the medicines that will help your body do what it is naturally trying to do. Choosing homeopathy will help you and your family to achieve this level of vitality using natural remedies with no side-effects.